1. Trial Program

This is our entry level program where students are introduced to the basics of taekwondo. This primary goal of this program is to build a solid foundation of physical and mental aspects of taekwondo. The members of the Trial program will start learning the basics of taekwondo from day one. They will be learning basic movements and self-defense skills at first. As their skills improve, new and advanced techniques of stances, kicking, punching and blocking will be introduced.

2. Black Belt Club (Regular Taekwondo Course) 1st Dan Black Belt

Top students who work hard and excel in the Trial program will be recommended and approved by the panel of masters and instructors to qualify for the Black Belt Club (BBC). This program is especially designed to train students to reach their goal of becoming a 1st Dan Black Belt. Each member of the Black Belt Club wears a special black uniform to symbolize that he/she is a member of a group of high spirited and well trained students. There are specialized classes available only for members of the Black Belt Club. Members of the black belt club will be taught thoroughly in their techniques and they will be trained rigorously to prepare them for the Black Belt Promotion Test.

3. Jr. / Asst. Leader Program 2nd Dan Black Belt

The Jr. / Asst. Leader Program are one of our most prestigious honor programs. It is our 2nd Dan Black Belt Course. Members of this program wear a while and black trimmed uniform, which distinguishes them as highly regarded, honor taekwondo students. They will participate in rigorous leader training classes to sharpen their skills throughout their road to becoming 2nd Dan Black Belts. The program is designed to build students’ leadership skills by providing them the opportunity to teach other students, and by becoming a part of our elite demonstration team.

4. Instructor Program 3rd Dan Black Belt

This program makes you a role model and a great leader in life. Very few and only the best of our students will be recommended for this program. This is our 3rd Dan Black Belt Course. Members of this program wear a white and black trimmed uniform, distinguishing them as respected instructors. As a member of this program, you have opportunities to conduct classes, teach students, assist in promotion tests, and participate as a judge in tournaments.

5. Master Program 4th Dan Black Belt

A master level in taekwondo is of an exceptionally high honor. This is our 4th Dan Black Belt Course. Masters wear Master uniforms, and they have opportunity to become a school leader and operate one of our centers. Not only is a master extremely knowledgeable in martial arts, but also an important figure in the community. They will be trained as a leader in taekwondo, and as a leader in life.

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