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Taekwondo is not only kicking and punching but is also a way of thinking and living.
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Welcome to DoMA Taekwondo! You have chosen the finest school in the area, dedicated to making your Martial Arts experience enjoyable and satisfying. Our instructors are the best. They have studied and trained for years to qualify as part of the DoMA Team, and now their primary goal is to assist you in being the best you can be!

Our carefully structured programs go far beyond punching, blocking, and kicking. We will help you acquire effective self-defense skills and provide you with a comprehensive, personal development program. It is our goal to raise the quality of life for all our students in every way possible.

Although we honor Martial Arts traditions that go back centuries, we are dynamic and are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to enthuse and excite our students.

We pledge to make this journey as fun, exciting, and education as possible. We will monitor your progress closely and be with you every step of the way. The combination of our instruction and your consistency in attending classes will help us to get you to the ultimate goal for all Martial Artists - Black Belt.

Being a Black Belt is not just becoming a better fighter, it is about becoming the best that you can be in every way.

The first three months of your training will require you to be patient, consistent and determined. We know that you can do it! We always have your best interests at heart and our instructors are always ready to help you in any way during your training and will be happy to discuss your progress at any time.

Why People Choose Taekwondo?

Martial Arts For All Ages

No matter your age or experience, Taekwondo is good for you for every aspect of your life.

Taekwondo incorporates relaxation and motivation through stretching, strengthening, kicking, jumping, and striking. Practicing Taekwondo at our school will improve your flexibility, concentration, confidence, body alignment, balance, strength, speed, endurance, and the ability to defend yourself- all while decreasing body fat and levels of stress. Most of our students sleep well, are in excellent physical condition, and have developed healthy bodies.

We teach you to try your best, but with patience. You learn to accept your own limitations without having them to hold you back. The traditions and customs taught by Taekwondo are the foundations for control and discipline. You can achieve a magnificent state of where top performance occurs by joining our team.

Improve Your Body and Mind

Ask any of our Taekwondo students after a few months of training experience and their answers may surprise you. They well probably talk about having improved flexibility, strength, and over all fitness, but they are most likely to conclude by referring to improved self-confidence and self respect.

Honesty, respect, discipline, self control, patience and humility are more than just words you hear here at our school, they are the concepts you learn to live by. Everyone comes to the dojang (school) on the same level, regardless of race, religion, economic or professional status. Everyone is given special consideration and everyone is judged on diligent practice and dedication to the school, the art and each other.


Develop Strong Discipline and Good Moral Values

The sense of values and the discipline taught in Taekwondo are the reasons for our school’s popularity. Even very young children can benefit from Taekwondo training and develop a sense of discipline. Discipline is what sets Taekwondo apart from any other sport or activity.

Most children laugh when a friend falls or misses a thrown ball but a Taekwondo student will help a fallen friend to his feet. Taekwondo athletes learn discipline from the start. Their physical, mental and moral character helps them to avoid dangerous vices such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Through belt progression and continuous training, they earn recognition from their peers. And while Taekwondo is very much about kicking, punching board breaking and self-defense, it also instills the discipline and focus necessary to succeed in the world.


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